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Predator Rap Boost 6.5td High Performance Turbo Boost Controller.

Predator Rap Boost 6.5td
Predator Rap Boost 6.5td
Item# h1-per-204

Product Description

Predator's RapBoost is a naturally suited mate to our RapTorq ECM programming or a fully stock H1 and is designed to compliment the operational characteristics of the factory turbo.

The RapBoost is a purely mechanical, fully adjustable waste gate controller, designed to be a direct, bolt-on replacement for the factory boost control canister used on H1 turbocharger.

The RapBoost combines with the factory waste gate valve mechanism to create a smooth and rapid working, turbine inlet-pressure relief valve. This type of control allows retention of all available turbine drive pressure up to the predetermined pressure bypass point, providing maximum turbocharger performance along with effective shaft-speed / boost control. Characteristic of the RapBoost design is its easy installation and simple calibration. Adds approximately 21 hp and 27 ft/lbs to the H1 6.5 engine.

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