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Predator Hummer H1 RapCool PMD Isolator Kit 6.5td.

RapCool PMD Isolator Kit 6.5td
RapCool PMD Isolator Kit 6.5td
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Product Description

The RapCool PMD Isolator system was created to end the drivability / reliability issues associated with the factory, injection pump-mount location of the PMD (Pump Mounted Driver).To end these various drivability and reliability problems, this PMD Isolator system remotely mounts the PMD completely outside the engine compartment and away from engine heat and vibration and is incorporated into a high performance heat sink.

The RapCool PMD Isolator system features a new, Stanadyne PMD, which is treated to a mount-face resurfacing and transistor- fastener re-torque prior to its assembly onto the Isolator plate. Assembly to the Isolator plate is made using a special epoxy along with the 4 mount screws. This process assures a thorough transfer of heat from the PMD and into the Isolator plate/Heat Sink, to provide long service life. The Stanodyne # 7 fuel calibration resistor is used in this upgrade and is provided as a part of the assembly.

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