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Hummer H1 10" Cross Drilled Rotor Set of 4 H1-PER-301

Hummer H1 10" Cross Drilled Rotor Set of 4 H1-PER-301
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Hummer H1 10" Cross Drilled Rotor Set of 4 H1-PER-301
Item# h1-per-301

Product Description

Hummer H1 10" Cross Drilled Rotor Set of 4 H1-PER-301

High Performance Premium Dimpled and Slotted Rotors

Machined And Finished In the USA.

All Dimpled, Drilled, and Slotted Brake Rotors are precision-machined and finished in a U.S. facility. Every rotor is inspected using the strictest quality control standards and checked for compliance with factory dimensional specifications. Rotors are manufactured from premium-quality cast iron that meets or exceeds G3000/ISO9002,QS9000/VDA 6.1 specifications. Each rotor is double-disc ground and machine-mill balanced for optimal high-performance operation.

Performance Full Curve Slot Design

Each Performance Full Curve Slot is strategically machined off the edge of the rotor to dramatically improve braking performance by up to 30% over factory stock brake rotors. this slot design removes water, dust, and debris whilst minimizing the heating of the pad surface. Slots that are machined in the center of the pad surface are inefficient and only collect dust. The edges of our slots are machine-rounded to achieve maximum degassing and dust removal.

Dimpled Drilled Holes

Each Dimpled-Drilled hole is perfectly sized to dissipate heat without sacrificing rotor strength. Dimpled Drilled Holes move air from the surface whilst reducing surface temperature, eliminating hot spots and warping. Dimpled holes are ideal for customers who prefer the look of drilled rotors but demand a structurally stronger brake rotor.

Zinc Plating In Black or Silver

These Performance Rotors are Zinc coated in Black or Silver. The Zinc Coating Process is an extensive hand-applied operation that is not sprayed on like inferior coatings. Each Performance Brake Rotor is immersed in different solution tanks throughout the coating process. The final result is a thick protective coating that will help prevent rusting and give you a great custom look.

Guaranteed Fit And Installation

Performance Premium Dimpled and Slotted Brake Rotors are machined to the same fit and dimensions as your factory brake rotors. You can install them with no worries about factory fit or function. We recommend that you have a certified mechanic install them for proper break-in procedure.

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