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Hummer H1 2wd/4wd Transfer Case (Core Required for Rebuild).

Hummer H1 2wd/4wd Transfer Case (Core Required for Rebuild)
Hummer H1 2wd/4wd Transfer Case (Core Required for Rebuild)
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Product Description

Now you are able to improve fuel economy 13-18% by simply installing Predator's Selectable 2wd/AWD/4wd Transfer Case! Simply remove your stock All Wheel Drive Transfer Case and install the Predator Transfer Case for a direct replacement and an instant fuel economy savings. On average Predator documented a 15% increase in fuel economy. So with the average 6.5td Hummer getting 13mpg, you should now be getting aprox 15mpg! The shifter acts exactly the same way it did before except that you now have a 5th gear selection, all the way forward on your gear selector, which is the 2wd setting. No draw backs or compromises at all! By selecting the 2wd setting, you are now disengaging power going to the front drive shaft and gearing thereby reducing wear and friction which results in an increase in fuel efficiency and performance. Available for all model H1's and HMMWV's.

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