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Hummer H1 Lower Ball Joint Hardware Kit

Lower Ball Joint Hardware Kit
Lower Ball Joint Hardware Kit
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Product Description

Hummer H1 Lower Ball Joint Hardware Kit

This Lower Ball Joint Hardware Kit includes a fine thread socket-head bolt package that exceeds grade 8 strength. Increased torque specs get the most out of this upgrade.

The socket-head is installed on the bottom of the connection so that the factory rubber boot doesn't interfere with wrenches or sockets. This helps decrease ball joint boot damage and increase the longevity of the joint. Also, the socket-head bolts make it easy to check the torque during install or out on the trail without having to remove the tire.

One Kit has enough hardware for (1) Lower Ball Joint.


- (4) socket-head bolts

- (4) centerlock lock nuts

- (8) washers

With these bolts you torque to 80 lb-ft (instead of 65 lb-ft with the stock bolts)

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