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Rubber Duck Stage III Big Duck Lift Kit (No Ball Joints)

Rubber Duck Stage III Big Duck Lift Kit (No Ball Joints)
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Rubber Duck Stage III Big Duck Lift Kit (No Ball Joints)
So you want the biggest Duck? Combine the Stage I Body Lift and Stage II Suspension Lift and achieve 5 inches of overall lift right out of the box and the ability to run up to 42" tires which will give you a whooping 23 inches of ground clearance at the front cross member and 25 inches of body clearance at the rocker panels at a special package price!

Unlike other, smaller kits on the market the RubberDuck 4x4 Suspension Kit keeps the ball joints at factory angles preventing premature wear/failure and prevents the ball joints from rubbing when larger tires are being used. The kit also allows you to align the truck within factory specifications preventing premature tire wear.

Our Stage I Body Lift gives you lift without the unsightly gap between the body and the rear bumper and new lift hooks that will be visible thru the hood not to mention better cooling in the engine compartment. Kit includes all necessary Grade 8 bolts, hardware, comprehensive instructions with pictures.

As with all RubberDuck 4x4 products, our Suspension System was extensively tested and abused both off-road and on the street to bring you the best in ride quality and durability long before it was ever introduced to market so before purchasing an inferior kit, do your homework and don't be someone else's Guinea Pig! If you have any questions just give us a call! Factory Winch Springs are also available below with free shipping or they can be powder coated with your choice of colors for an additional $100.00 + shipping from our facility. Shopping our competitor for a (seemingly) comparable product? Here's why ours "spanks" the competition! The first to market so it's been around the longest with hundreds sold Used by our Armed Forces Three inches of lift (not two like the others) The ONLY kit that retains factory angles of the ball joints to prevent premature wear The ONLY kit allows you to align the truck within factory specs The ONLY kit that eliminates the need for wheel spacers to prevent rubbing between wider tires and the ball joints Why spend thousands on tires for a truck that you can't align properly with a competitor's kit? Precise spring spacer thickness maximizes lift while minimizing stress on the halfshafts Provides the best ride quality of any kit

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