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TreeHugger Brushguard w/2 Front Light Tabs (Standard)

TreeHugger Brushguard w/2 Front Light Tabs (Standard)
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Product Description

TreeHugger Brushguard w/2 Front Light Tabs (Standard)
Provide the ultimate protection for your hood and off-road lights while providing an unobstructed view of all of the marker lights with the RubberDuck 4x4 TreeHugger™.

The TreeHugger™ is structured to withstand the abuse of mowing over small trees and rubbing in those tight spots off-road by being pinned in four points. It is also powder coated with a textured black finish that provides a tooth for painting touch-ups should it become scratched on the trail. The TreeHugger™ is further complimented by the Hood Scoop sold separately.

Shopping our competitor for a (seemingly) comparable product?

Here's why ours "spanks" the competition! Provides the ultimate protection by wrapping around the hood further Does not obstruct ANY of the lights Made from thicker material without adding weight with useless cosmetics Powdercoated with a textured black finish that can easily be touched up after off-road abuse with Rust-Oleum Textured #7220 paint that is a "dead-ringer" match in color and texture.

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